Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Promote safety and comfort with Personal Protective Equipment ranging from disposable apparel, gloves, masks for eyes and face, head and hearing protection

With over 75 years of service, JACKSON SAFETY* Welding Safety Products, known and trusted worldwide, offer a range of the finest safety products available.

From the production line to the laboratory, Kimberly-Clark Wipers are performance engineered for a wide range of tasks.

Skin Care
Our skin care products deliver solutions that promote health, hygiene and exceptional skin condition.

Bathroom Tissue
Add quality and comfort to restrooms in offices, hotels and other facilities by choosing top bathroom tissue brands like KLEENEX® and SCOTT®.

Paper Towel
Our Paper Towel can help your business do more with less by delivering solutions designed to enhance image, increase productivity, reduce costs.

Toilet Seat Cover
Put hygiene first with our Toilet Seat Covers. The covers promote sanitary practices and are flushable.

Facial Tissue
SCOTT® Facial Tissue from Kimberly-Clark comes in a variety of sizes, dispensing options and upscale packaging designs to fit your décor.

Air Freshener
Create an environment that’s clean and fresh-smelling

Paper Napkin
Soft and absorbent, SCOTT® Napkins deliver quality and help control costs, fitting customer needs for beverage, lunch and dinner.

Wet Wipes and Towels
Freshening provides quality wet wipes and towels for food services

Food Handling, Packaging
& Others

Other products such as Foodwrap Catering Film & Foil, Toothpicks, Straw, Coaster Tissue, Face Mask, Plastic Gloves & Rasaku Coconut Milk